Did you know?

Did you know that Canada’s federal animal cruelty law was originally enacted in 1892? To put this in context, in 1892:

Decades ago, people were used to seeing ads like these:

So much has changed in Canada since those times, mostly for the good. As a nation, however, we have failed in bringing progressive positive change to improve the welfare of animals.

What can you do?

Do your research.

Find out what the problems are with our current law and how it can be changed

Take action.

Write to the Justice Minister to ask him to make animal cruelty amendments part of the government’s “Tough on Crime” platform. Ask him why his government refuses to recognize the link between animal abuse and violence against humans. Tell him we need better animal cruelty legislation to protect animals as well as people. Please copy your letter to your own Member of Parliament, the opposition party Justice Critics and the Prime Minister.

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Report animal abuse.

Humaneness begins in the community with people providing responsible care for their animals. If you see animal abuse in your community, call the authorities. Click here to learn more about how to recognize signs of abuse and to order your 8 ½” X 11” poster. We all need to be vigilant in our communities.

Spread the word.

Tell your friends and family about our archaic and weak federal animal cruelty law and why so many animal abusers are not punished. Urge them to order posters and decals too.

Write a letter

Write to the editor of your newspaper or maybe create a Youtube video about the need to end animal cruelty.

Do something. Take action, make yourself heard!

Support the CFHS
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